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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong has been committed to caring for the community and protecting the environment

Hello everyone! I am Traci, the new Business Executive Officer of Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, with effect from 1 Apr, I will be responsible for leading the business in the regions of Hong Kong and Macau. Prior to this, I was the Business Executive Officer of Wyeth Nutrition Taiwan to oversee the Taiwan business. I am glad to have the opportunity to communicate with you all via this platform. I will share more about our company’s latest development with you here, please stay tuned!

For this first time, I would like to share with you how Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong cares for the community and protects the environment. Creating shared value is at our heart and we firmly believe in the essence of "what is taken from the community used in the interests of society". We have been partnering with Po Leung Kuk for many years, for instance, we have organized the “Old Items Recycling” before Chinese New Year to encourage colleagues to support environmental protection during “CNY spring cleaning”. However, have you ever thought of where our donation will go eventually?

This year, we are pleased to have a follow-up activity for the “Old Items Recycling” organized by Po Leung Kuk in March, to allow our colleagues have an opportunity to understand more about their operation by visiting their workshop. Our colleagues were also able to see the handling procedure after our donation. Guided by the social worker in the workshop, we were able to visit different parts in the workshop including packaging, producing, processing and assembling as well as sewing. Though apprentices in the workshop have some physical limitations, they are all very involved in their work. We have learnt during the visit that our old clothing will undergo few procedures respectively such as classification, checking and pricing before distributing to Po Leung Kuk affiliated retail stores and selling to residents nearby with affordable price. All the proceeds will be used for the employment of disabled people and the support of apprentices training.

During the activity, all apprentices explained very proactively when we raised questions. The activity not only helped our colleagues develop in-depth understanding on the apprentices, but also strengthened their support in the company’s recycling activity and other voluntary activities for next year.


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