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Staying Healthy and Safe
  Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong is committed to providing nutritional support to babies, parents as well as everyone else. That does not only limit to providing our nutritious products like formula products for children or maternal supplements but also nutrition tips. We believed there are much more every one of us can do by ourselves to stay healthy during this critical period.
Committed to meet customer needs
  In view of current COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong, most families preferred staying indoor and avoid going to crowded area to lower the chance of being infected. Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong always put the needs of our consumers as our priority and have, therefore, stepped-up several e-platform partners (including our very own ILLUMA4 website) for online purchasing and delivery, so consumers to get our products without leaving their home.
Taking a small step everyday to Go Green
  Going Green has become an unavoidable topic in both individual and organizational level but it is also a term that can be interpreted quite differently. For Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, we strongly believe in starting small and doing more, the easiest ways to do so are to change our everyday habits and reuse, recycle and even upcycle whenever possible.
About the blog
Welcome to the Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong Management Blog!
Come here and find the recent updates of our company as well as the latest information about our products and the nutrition industry. We are eager to share with you our news and looking forward to your feedback.
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