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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong promotes family culture and provides support to build a healthy community together

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong has always emphasized the importance of the family in our society. In addition to organizing community activities, the company also takes care of the family needs of our employees and endeavors to create a happy working environment for them. In May, we have organized different activities to spread family culture around.

Firstly, in the community, we have partnered with St. James’ Settlement to host the Nutri-Add Family Program since 2012 that has been receiving positive responses. This year, we used STEM education, which is becoming increasingly popular in various sectors, as the theme, and integrated technology, nutrition knowledge and food-wise culture into the program. We invited some secondary school students and our registered dietitian to design food with nutritional value using the advanced 3D food printer, to express love to family and promote nutritious and healthy diet to public at the same time. In the first video this year, two students created a crown-shaped cookie cake and brought the “queen’s experience” to mother for the celebration of Mother’s Day!

On the other hand, we believe voluntary services can bring happiness and care to those in need. Thus, we organized various volunteer activities regularly. Early this month, we have collaborated with “Doctor BB” again to invite children of our colleagues to be “Doctor BB”. Led by their parents, the little children have interacted with senior in different ways which brought them waves of laughter!

Apart from strengthening the connection with the community and serving those in need, we also hope to foster harmonious families for our employees. Same as in the past few years, we celebrated the “International Day of Families” on 15 May with our employees. This year, we not only gave colleagues a gift for sharing with their families, but also designed a mini game to encourage colleagues to spend more time with their families.

We hope by organizing different caring activities can encourage more people to care more about their families and build a more harmonious society together.


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