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Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong launches new ILLUMA® “Human Affinity” formula

Wyeth Nutrition strives to develop scientific and quality nutrition products through innovation to fulfill the nutritional needs of infants, young children and mothers. I am happy to share that Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong has launched a new “Human Affinity” formula under ILLUMA® on November 14. The new formula features a combination of sn-2* and a new ingredient human milk oligosaccharides (HMO)*, further strengthening the affinity of the formula.

Structurally identical to an ingredient found in lactating secretion, HMO* in the formula is an ingredient that supports child health. This particular HMO is naturally found in lactating secretion#. Feeding results of formula containing this HMO are similar to that of babies fed with lactating secretion. The newly launched formula is imported from Ireland, and is recognized as “Example of Quality Product”.

To let more parents learn about the new formula, we have shared information about the new formula through different channels including TV, newspaper publication as well as online channels. In addition, Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong team has also organized large-scale events and science symposium to engage healthcare professionals and help them understand the features of the new formula. By doing so, we hope to benefit more kids and infants in need.

The new ILLUMA® “Human Affinity” formula is currently available for purchase at over 570 distribution points in Hong Kong. Our team has spent tremendous effort to make it convenient for parents in need to easily access the new products. The new ILLUMA® “Human Affinity” demonstrates the strong basis of scientific research of Wyeth Nutrition. We believe the new formula will be able to better support the growth of infants and young children in need.

Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong will build on our success and continue to work by “Science by Foundation, Professionalism as Principle”, and fulfill the nutritional needs of people of all ages.

* 2'-Fucosyllactose (a type of HMO, not from human milk): 0.025g/100mL, sn-2 Palmitate: 0.34g/100mL

# According to the growth outcomes (including weight, length and head circumference) of 2'-Fucosyllactose in the study by Marriage et al.

Photo: Large outdoor display at the busy city center to let consumers learn about the new ILLUMA® “Human Affinity” formula.


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