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Child Nutrition Advisory Group (CNAG) launches new Facebook page to heighten public awareness on child nutrition

I am pleased to share the news with you about the Child Nutrition Advisory Group (CNAG), a non-profit organization formed by a group of healthcare professionals. Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong (WNHK) has been supportive to CNAG since its establishment in 2010. CNAG has recently launched its dedicated Facebook Page in September, aiming at raising the public awareness on maternal, infant and young child nutrition.

CNAG comprises 12 local experts including Paediatricians, Obstetrics & Gynaecology doctors, Family Physicians, dietitians and midwives. The mission of CNAG is to address nutrition and dietary problems surrounding those who are planning pregnancy, expectant mothers going through different pregnancy stages, infant and young children. CNAG endeavors to increase the awareness of these problems among Hong Kong healthcare professionals and parents. The organization is also dedicated to providing evidence-based tips and nutrition knowledge to empower parents, allowing them to support their children with the right nutrition to grow up healthily.

CNAG has organized a wide range of activities, such as regular scientific meetings with local and overseas experts to exchange knowledge and experience on hot topics of maternal and infant nutrition. Nutrition workshops are held for public, where infant nutrition knowledge is shared in different target groups through health talks and cooking demonstrations by dietitians. A series of educational booklets are developed for the public and parents to understand the importance of maternal, infant and young child nutrition, and practical tips on how to achieve a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are also highlighted.

WNHK has been actively supporting CNAG throughout the past years, providing resources in coordinating and organizing activities to support nutrition awareness in the community. We provide financial contributions every year to sustain various initiatives driven by CNAG, such as its website that promotes the latest updates about maternal and infant nutrition to the public.

WNHK maintains a close collaboration with different professional organizations, and continues to be a keen contributor to enhance the maternal, infant and young child nutrition knowledge of the public.


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