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Wyeth Nutrition Science Center (WNSC) Hong Kong launches its Facebook page, bringing the latest scientific resources to healthcare professionals on social media platform

In mid-July, the Wyeth Nutrition Science Center (WNSC) Hong Kong has launched a dedicated Facebook page, providing much timely updates on hot topics about health and nutrition for healthcare professionals through the social media platform. WNSC Hong Kong is the first of its kind setting up in Hong Kong, which is a customized platform designed for healthcare professionals. The roll-out of WNSC Hong Kong’s Facebook page will further enhance scientific exchanges.

WNSC, formerly known as the Wyeth Nutrition Academy, was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. Since then, it has become an important initiative with global presence among different countries. WNSC is committed to promoting the importance of nutrition and advancing people’s health through facilitating scientific exchanges of nutrition knowledge, as well as encouraging local scientific research.

Over the last few years, WNSC Hong Kong has been actively promoting the importance of nutrition among healthcare professionals through a wide range of initiatives, such as regular academic events conveying the role of nutrition on health and development through lectures by world-class experts, an up-to-date website highlighting the latest trend and science related to nutrition and health, and regular scientific publications including WNSC newsletters covering updated nutritional information. Practical nutritional tools, including infographics and info cards, are also developed to support the daily work of healthcare providers.

The launch of the Facebook page of WNSC Hong Kong is a bold step forward, providing a social media platform for healthcare professionals with the latest scientific trends and education resources. The content on the Facebook page synchronizes with WNSC Hong Kong website, facilitating an easy access to the first-hand scientific resources and updates for our Facebook page followers. Key highlights from scientific meetings and expert interviews are available on the page to promote knowledge exchange on evidence-based nutrition topics. The initiative also offers a new channel that allows healthcare professionals to share their ideas, improving our communications and interactions with them.

In early August, WNSC Hong Kong will provide support to a Continuous Medical Education lecture organized by the Hong Kong Pediatrics Foundation (HKPF), sharing advanced science about brain connectome and pediatric neuroimaging, exploring how advanced technologies can help understand children’s brain development. We are also planning the annual WNSC symposium later this year to provide latest scientific information to over 200 healthcare professionals in Hong Kong.

With all of the above initiatives, I trust WNSC can continue to be a valuable contributor to promote health and raise the public awareness on the importance of optimal nutrition in Hong Kong.


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